Chili Open Donation
The Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs has been the primary project of the Rotary Club of Akron since 1924. Your donation to the 2020 Akron Rotary Chili Open Golf Classic will help to provide financial assistance for children and adults with special needs to attend camp. Each year, over 1800 children and adults will attend Akron Rotary Camp’s day, overnight or respite camp programs.
At Rotary Camp we change lives! We help individuals with disabilities create, learn and grow in safe and caring environments. While at camp kids enjoy traditional activities ranging from games, songs, canoeing, swimming, fishing, campfires, and much more. When campers leave Rotary Camp at the end of each session, they not only leave with lifelong memories and friends, but they often show more independence as well as a greater understanding of themselves and their abilities.