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Oil Painting Classes w/Lynn Dickey April
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Oil Painting Classes - On-Going  
April 5, 12, 19, 26
10:00am - 1:00pm
Member $60.00 (monthly) 
Non-Member $65.00 (monthly) 
Materials List in the description
Payment is for monthly classes. There will not be any credits on a Friday missed.

Materials list below


This class is designed for beginners and Intermediate students who are interested in painting using oils.
The class breaks down the fundamentals of oil painting into manageable blocks.  Students will learn about composition, paint mixing, drawing with paint, values (light/dark), enlarging, and color theory.  Oil paints are lustrous and sumptuous and can also be intimidating with their many pigments, varnishes, mineral spirits and brushes. 

The student will learn about these various elements. Students will receive individual attention at every step along the way working from still lifes and landscapes, students will create canvases to learn from and to treasure.

The subject of Lynn's January class will be faces. Students will learn to mix color and draw and paint the features to create a likeness. Lynn will provide images to use for reference. The faces will be about life size. A 9"X12" canvas wiill be a good size to paint on.


Buy student grade paints if you are just beginning to paint.  More expensive paints have more pigment which will matter more as you gain more experience. Size 1.25 tube
Canvas panel (9X12) 
Paint Palette (paper or a Masterson Palette Box             
Viva brand paper towels (they are softer more like cloth)
Titanium White (large tube)                                                        
Cadmium Yellow Light                                                                   
Yellow Ochre                                                                                    
Cadmium Red Light                                                                         
Alizarin Crimson                                                                                         
Ultramarine Blue
Viridian (green hue)                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Burnt Sienna                                                                                                 
Ivory Black
Brushes  Bring some to the first class. Don’t buy the package of bristle brushes.  They don’t work well. Buy a few good quality brushes. 
#12, #6, #4 and a size 4 Script liner.    A pastry or hardware 2” brush.  You can add more brushes later.
Mediums for oils
Liquin medium (small jar)
Oderless thinner (Turpinoid) 1 pint
Or art quality mineral spirits.
Container for terps and for liquin.
Metal palette knife (2” flexible triangle) no plastic
Canvas panels (can be bought in set of 3)
Small sketch book and or #4 pencil (you can sketch and take notes.
Watch for Hobby Lobby and Michael’s art supply sales and coupons. 

Artist Statement
Lynn Dickey
I have drawn and painted from an early age.  I attended the Kansas City Art Institute receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in painting.

I love the outdoors and the challenge of creating a successful composition in plein air.  Often, I finish the painting in the studio. The plein air paintings are also used as reference for larger paintings in the studio.  I look for scenery that catches my interest.  I also take photographs that I use for studio reference.  I enjoy figure and still life as well as landscape.

In my paintings, I strive to successfully use color, form and value.  I have been influenced by the early California plein air painters such as John Carlson.  I have studied with John Cosby, Rusty Jones, Bob Rohm and Jimmy Longacre, who were influenced by John Carlson and Kevin Macpherson. I am always trying to grow in my vision.  I would like the viewer to participate in the subject matter I choose to paint.