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The bag is designed to educate, support and empower those impacted by cancer. There are a variety of bag options available so please choose the one that best fits you. ALL bags contain information for any type of cancer (details found
Cancer type specific bags are also available and they include all the information in a regular Bag It bag and additional information on the specific cancer type.

  • SHARE Bag It bags
    If you are part of SHARE Cancer support and would like to order a Bag It bag with information to help support you or a loved one with ANY cancer diagnosis or uterine cancer. Bags are available in English and Spanish and are not cancer specific unless noted.
  • CLL Specific Bag
    If you have a CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) diagnosis this bag is for you. A partnership with CLL Society and Patient Power provides additional content about CLL.
  • Hope in a Bag (stomach)
    If you have a stomach cancer diagnosis this bag is for you. A partnership with Hope for Stomach Cancer provides additional information about stomach cancer. 
  • MPN Specific Bags
    If you have an MPN diagnosis this bag is for you. In partnership with Patient Power and MPN Advocacy & Education International.
  • Bag It Bags for Providers
    Order a sample bag or a box of bags for your office/organization. This does not include cancer specific bags noted above. This is for the regular Bag It bag. Learn more at and/or email to discuss. 
    Shipping for a box will be $20 added at checkout.