Donor Opportunities



Thank you for considering a gift to Perlman Camp. Your support is needed, now more than ever.

  • Annual Fund
    As a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our camp families, we anticipate that more scholarship will be awarded to our families than ever before. Please consider a donation to Perlman Camp's Annual Fund to ensure that no child is denied a summer experience based on financial need.
  • COVID-19 Emergency Fund
    Perlman Camp WILL run in Summer 2021! As a result of being unable to operate in 2020, Perlman Camp relied on the support of our community to remain solvent. We still have work to do as we adapt our program and facility to meet the needs of our campers and staff and to allow us to operate in 2021. All donations made to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund will support our operations in 2021.
  • Sam and Muriel Skolnick Alumni Memorial Fund
    The Skolnick family has partnered with the Perlman Camp Alumni Association (PCAA) to launch the Sam and Muriel Skolnick Alumni Memorial Fund. The fund will invest in camp's facilities, both now and in the future, by funding ongoing upgrades and specific capital projects. 
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