The Waterfront Botanical Gardens store is our central location to purchase event tickets, memberships, or make donations to support the Gardens.

  • Donations
    Your support will help us build the Graeser Family Education Center and keep the organization growing!
  • Sponsorships
    You can provide the capital funding needed to build the gardens and features in our upcoming phases.  Sponsorship of these items will be acknowledged through name recognition on the sponsored item or within the garden.
  • Memberships
    Annual memberships for individuals, families, and organizations.
    Renewals are also made through the portals below.
    We do not issue membership cards at this time. All member information is stored electronically.
  • Events
    Tickets to WBG events (not classes or workshops)
  • Adult Education
    Adult classes and workshops with WBG
  • Sprouts Camps
    These weeklong, half-day camps will include investigative garden activities, craft projects, outdoor movement/play, and opportunities to create lasting friendships.  All camps will take place at our satellite, living classroom: The Avish greenhouse & gardens in Harrods Creek, Prospect.