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Ditto in a Box – Early Years (2-5 year olds)
There are 12 items included in the ‘Ditto in a Box for the Early Years’ education pack that all contribute to Bravehearts’ personal safety program for 2 to 5 year olds.  There is a comprehensive educator guide included that can be used as a professional development tool to empower educators with the challenging issue of helping young children to keep safe.
The following short descriptors provide a high overview of each component in the pack:
The Educator’s Guide:
  • Facts & stats, alignment to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards, program rationale and objectives, how to involve parents and carers, a template parent/guardian letter, mandatory reporting guidelines, documents to support reporting, common indicators, the ‘definition of harm’ and what is sexual assault, teacher tips on how to respond to inappropriate behaviour as well as important self-care advice.
Teaching Modules 1-4 (section 2 of the educator guide):
  • Suggested protective education learning experiences that relate to feelings, warning signs, private parts, and help-seeking utilising music, movement and the provided books, posters and scenario cards. There are 5 downloadable songs included in the teaching modules that form part of Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure education program. The songs are used in the suggested learning experiences and are an engaging medium to use for younger children to reinforce the messages throughout the year.
Storybooks (set of 2):
  • The story of Becky and the Doctor and Ben and the Babysitter support children’s understanding in terms of privacy and their right to say no if they feel unsafe or unsure. These stories can be used as part of the suggested learning experiences or revisited to reinforce key messages with the group.
Posters (Set of 8):
  • Visual aids to further support Bravehearts’ personal safety messages. Some of the posters have been designed to specifically work in context with the lesson plans, but ‘Ditto’s 3 rules’ posters can always be displayed in a classroom to reinforce key messages.
Scenario cards (set of 20):
  • ‘Personal Space’ scenario cards provide visual cues and rhyming phrases to engage young children. They provide educators with discussion prompts and further opportunities to introduce concepts about different levels of contact, assess understanding and revisit personal safety messages throughout the year.

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