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Make a Donation
  • Make a Donation
    Unrestricted donations help us direct the money where it is needed most - from buying books to repairing a building or helping families in flood ravaged communities.
    If you would like to be a recurring donor, please click here.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction.)
  • Student Stars
    Restricted donations directed specifically for our student needs - bicycles, school uniforms, Food for Thought, first aid kits, school supplies, and so many other items.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction.)
  • Faculty Fund
    Restricted donations directed specifically for teacher salaries, resources and teacher training.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction.)
  • Bricks & Mortar
    Restricted donations directed specifically for the construction and maintenance of CFC's schools, including study huts, playgrounds, bathroom facilities, and so much more.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction.)
  • Donor Term Endowment
    A strong endowment fund will anchor the financial future of our schools. Please help us ensure that the programs we work so hard to establish today will see our students through to a better tomorrow.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction.)
  • General & Administrative Expense Offset Donation
    Restricted donations directed specifically towards deferring our General & Administrative expenses, enabling other donations to have an immediate and direct impact on our programs.
    (Allowable for US tax deduction)