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The Religious Potential of the Child - 3rd Edition
This book is an in-depth description of the greatest mysteries of our faith to which children three to six years of age led them through their deep engagement and joy. It was first published in Italy in 1979, then translated into English and published in the U.S. in 1983. A new edition of the book was published by Liturgy Training Publications in 1992. Now in its third edition, this volume largely remains the same but includes Dr. Cavalletti’s substantial additions. 
Our defining document: “The Characteristics of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: 32 Points for Reflection,” states that ours is a “mustard seed work”. Among other things, this means it is a living work, and a central feature of all living things is that they grow and change. Because of the essentiality of the young child, the content offered to them has largely remained the same over these many years. What has changed has more to do with us adults and how we best present that content.
"I had the opportunity to read third edition of Religious Potential of the Child over the summer and I appreciated how the newest version reflected the most current approach to sharing Scripture with children, namely reading passages to children with minimal introduction rather than the previous practice of the catechist announcing the content of the Scripture in their own words.  This is such an important development in our work." Kristen Hempstead McGann