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Isidore and Maria Prayer Cards
The front of the card is the 4-color catalan retablo of the saints.
The back is the story of Isidore and Maria:

A story often told about St. Isidore (feast day May 15) was his practice
of often coming late to work in the fields because he would first attend
Mass every morning. Yet his work never suffered and he always met the
tasks demanded of him. His master, Squire de Vergas, decided one day
to observe Isidore at his work. The squire hid himself in some bushes
near the field where his laborers were working. As usual, Isidore arrived
late and then began driving his oxen without forcing a hurried pace. The
master’s anger soon turned to astonishment. Two angels, one on either
side of Isidore, appeared and joined their faithful companion in plowing
the fields.

St. Maria (feast day September 14) always kept a pot of stew on the
fireplace in their humble rural dwelling. She knew that her husband
Isidore would often bring home anyone who was hungry. One day he
brought home many hungry people. After she served several of them,
Maria told him that there simply was no more stew in the pot. He
insisted that she check the pot one more time, and she was able to
spoon out enough stew to feed everyone.

The virtues found in the lives of Isidore and Maria – commitment to
family, love for the land, service to the poor and a deep spirituality
– are qualities that still can be found in rural America. "We thank God
for our rural lives, formed still be the rhythms of nature and church.
With you, help us to rejoice in the relationships with God and each
other. Isidore and Maria, pray for us. Amen."