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Seeds of Faith in the Midst of Challenges: COVID, Riots, Fires & Storms (Fall 2020)
This year has turned out very differently from what we expected when the “ball dropped” last January. We have endured COVID-19, state shutdowns, unemployment, widespread social unrest and the election, not to mention natural disasters. But as Christians we trust that “all things work for good for those who love God” (Rom. 8:28). Even in this mess of 2020, God has a plan, a plan that includes you and me.
In this issue, we see how God has prepared agricultural workers to creatively adapt to the challenges of our times. We hear stories of local food systems rising to the occasion when grocery store shelves were empty. We also see how the slower pace of life, forced on us all by a pandemic, became a gift in many ways. And above all, we see how clinging to Christ illuminates these dark times.