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A common misperception exists that foster children are different from other children. This could not be further from the truth. Foster children are just that—children. They participate in the same activities as other children. They go to school, play sports, have hobbies and join clubs. MaryAnne's Kids uses the funds it raises to make sure foster children have access to these childhood experiences, and so much more.

Some of the many things that MaryAnne's Kids Fund has provided to foster children over the years include:
  • Driver's education courses
  • Formal attire for proms and graduations
  • Clothes for a family funeral
  • Fees and uniforms to join sports teams
  • GED courses
  • Children & teen workshops
  • Basketball camp and equipment
  • Reliable transportation for a teen mother,working and living independently
  • A specialized bicycle for a young child suffering from partial paralysis
  • Birthday wishes (concerts, makeovers, pedicures, manicures)
  • School trips
  • And much, much more!