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    Grace House
    The family recovery program at Grace House, located in Northampton, is a residential treatment program for women who are recovering from a substance addiction while reuniting with their young children. Grace House is a licensed recovery program providing intensive intervention, clinical support, life skills development, child care and case management services. Grace House welcomes all women to recovery services, no matter what shape sobriety takes in their lives. Informed by an overall approach of risk reduction, we value and support every change, no matter how small, that results in increased safety and well-being in the lives of the women we serve. It is CHD’s firm policy that all women in recovery are welcome at our programs and will receive the same high-quality treatment and professional care, regardless of the substance to which they addicted or the treatment approach they choose.
    A supportive community and renewed hope are the essential components of sobriety, however it is defined. “Community” can mean the fellowship of the Twelve Steps; it can mean one-on-one clinical support and coordination with a supportive local MAT provider; or it can mean re-integration into a supportive faith, cultural, or family community. CHD also makes available cognitive behavioral recovery models, such as Smart Recovery, which do not have a faith-based component for women with prefer such an approach.
    “Renewed hope” is generated by helping each woman to identify, pursue, and achieve goals and dreams that were deferred due to addiction, trauma, low self-esteem, and other obstacles. CHD’s treatment approach is individualized and woman-centered. We provide each woman with as many options and treatment choices as we have available, and we listen to what she requires and needs to meet her unique circumstances."

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