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Begin with Your Body: Zen Practice and Racialized Trauma
Facilitated by: Sosan Flynn, Chee Xiong and Ayo Yetunde
Thursdays, Oct. 15 through May 13 • 7 - 9 pm.
(Note: no class on Nov 26, Dec. 3, 24, 31, & Jan. 28)
Connecting with our bodies is critically important for our work in the arena of social and racial justice. It is equally important to connect with our bodies in the practice of Zen. In this eight-month seminar, we will engage deeply with Zen meditation while inviting ourselves to awaken to the racialized trauma in our own bodies. Only when we wake up to our suffering can we allow it to be transformed. Only when we connect with our own bodies can we truly access compassion for others. 
This seminar will include break-out groups based on racial affinity, i.e., different small groups for those who identify as white and those who identify as persons of color. This is to allow participants to have a sense of safety in processing difficult topics/experiences. Complete information here.
This class is offered on a "pay-what-you-can" basis. When considering what to pay, we ask you to be mindful that this is an 8-month seminar class that will meet weekly with three instructors and a number of guest speakers. The value of this class is estimated at $650. If you would like to pay in installments, please go ahead and make your first installment and write a comment with your payment indicating your plans. (Note: a  minimum payment of $1 is needed to activate online registration.)