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2021 July ZOOM Hokyoji Sesshin Dokai and Myo On
Hokyoji Sesshin July 2021
Begins at 12 pm CT on July 12
Ends at 12 pm CT on July 18
With Myo On Susan Hagler and Dokai Georgesen
This sesshin will be led by Myo On Susan Hagler, member of the Clouds in Water teacher ryo, and Dokai Georgesen, the guiding teacher of Hokyoji.
The starred activities on the sample schedule will be available on Zoom.
Sample schedule (subject to change):
5:25 AM Wake-up bell
6:00 AM *Zazen
6:30 AM *Kinhin
6:40 AM *Zazen
7:10 AM *Morning Liturgy
7:45 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM *Zazen
9:35 AM *Kinhin
9:45 AM *Dharma Talk
11:00 AM *Break
11:20 AM *Zazen
11:50 AM *Noon Liturgy
12:00PM Lunch
1:30 PM Work Practice
2:30 PM Body Practice
3:15 PM Snack
4:00 PM *Zazen
4:35 PM *Kinhin
4:50 PM *Zazen (metta practice)
5:25 PM *Evening Liturgy
5:45 PM Informal Dinner
7:00 PM *Zazen
7:35 PM *Kinhin
7:45 PM *Zazen
8:20 PM *Kinhin
8:30 PM *Zazen
8:35 PM *Recite Fukanzazengi
8:55 PM *Evening Message
9:05 PM *End of Day
9:45 pm Lights Out
To participate in a Zoom sesshin requires arranging your life and home space in a way that is conducive to silent meditation. We recognize that this is challenging for many of you, so we are offering a lot of flexibility for our Zoom participants. 
Zoom participation cost:
This is a “pay what you can” sesshin and it is also a “come when you can” sesshin. While some of you may be able to participate in full days, or even all seven days, we know that this will not be possible for everyone. We are happy to have you join us in whatever way works for you. The value of the Zoom sesshin is estimated to be $100/day.
You will be sent a Zoom link and other welcome materials one to two days before the start date of the sesshin.
Online registration ends 7/9/2021
If you wish to register after 7/9/2021 please contact Myoshin directly at Please note that you may not get an immediate response.