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Bust'n Clays for Kids!


  • Station Sponsorship
    To connect children, youth, and families with the resources and
    inspiration to become hopeful and productive citizens.
    • Helping children and families in crisis referred by county child welfare departments, courts and juvenile justice districts.
    • Helping hard-to-reach youth from troubled homes, alternative schools, diversion programs and treatment centers with histories of school drop-out, homelessness, teen pregnancy, delinquency and mental health conditions.
    • Helping youth, parents and families manage the stresses, confusion and trends in our society.
    • Helping families navigate the scary and confusing task of securing care for children with special health care needs.
    INCLUDES: 2 - Team Entries (4 shooters per team) & ASSIGNED SPONSORED STATION
    Recognition: Shooting Station & Sponsorship Boards
    (Must be registered one week before event to be included on the sponsorship boards)
    Price: $2,500.00

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