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  • Healthcare Gifts for Good
    CCH's Healthcare mission provides access to quality healthcare in Haiti while also training local medical professionals. More than 20,000 patients, combined, are seen in our Primary Care, Physical Therapy and Surgical Clinics each year. CCH Mobile Clinics take healthcare and health education directly to families in rural communities. Shop here for healthcare related Gifts for Good.
  • Education Gifts for Good
    CCH partners with 9 schools in Haiti to promote student learning through teacher training, child wellness and safe, learning-centered schools. Approximately 120+ educators and more than 3,500 students benefit from CCH services each year! When you purchase an education related Gift for Good, you are equipping and empowering teachers and students as well as their families and communities. 
  • Help Where It's Needed Most
    Prefer to make a general donation to CCH, and let us use it wherever it's needed most? No problem!