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  • A Guide to This World and Nearer Ones
    A Guide to This World & Nearer Ones is the essential companion text to Creative Time’s summer 09 group show PLOT09: This World & Nearer Ones.
    Price: $5.00
  • A Psychic Vacuum: An artist book by Mike Nelson
    In fall 2007, artist Mike Nelson transformed the disused interior of the Essex Street Market in NYC’s Lower East Side, taking audiences on an unexpected journey through reconstructed rooms, passageways, and carefully assembled environments of his installation titled A Psychic Vacuum. Over the next two years, the artist meticulously recreated that journey in a deluxe artist book, clothbound with over 200 images, published by Creative Time Books.
    Price: $39.95
  • A Guide to Democracy in America
    A Guide to Democracy in America gathers more than 100 artists, cultural critics, and activists to reflect on the historical roots and current manifestations of democracy in the United States.
    Price: $15.00
  • Hey Hey Glossolalia (BEFORE) and (AFTER)
    A two-volume publication with a section curated by Adam Pendleton and contributions by over 40 major contemporary artists.
    Price: $20.00
  • Six Actions for New York City
    Adrian Piper, Gelitin, Spartacus Chetwynd, Jonathan Monk, Javier Téllez
    A Creative Time Book by Mark Beasley and David Plazker.

    Six Actions for New York City: the publication documents a series of events, actions and performances staged between May and November 2007.
    Price: $10.00
  • Haluk Akakce: Sky is the Limit
    Includes a text on the work by the artist; an essay by Alex Farquharson; a conversation between Haluk Akakce, Peter Eleey, and Jane & Louise Wilson; as well as a selection of past work (2002-2006) and introductions by Anne Pasternak of Creative Time and Joshua Abbey of the Las Vegas Arts Commission.
    Price: $29.95
  • Light Cycle: Explosion Project for Central Park
    In 2003, Creative Time and Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang celebrated Central Park’s 150th Anniversary with Light Cycle, illuminating the park with aerial drawings of light and fire. This lustrous publication chronicles this seminal event and commemorates the splendor of New York’s favorite park.
    Price: $20.00
  • The Plain of Heaven
    The catalogue for Creative Time’s 2005 exhibition in an abandoned meatpacking facility at the foot of the High Line, The Plain of Heaven features installations by 14 acclaimed artists including Adam Cvijanovic, Song Dong, Sol LeWitt, and Gordon Matta-Clark.
    Price: $10.00
  • Time Capsule: A Concise Encyclopedia by Women Artists
    This comprehensive visual anthology features the work of more than 500 women artists from around the world, including Lynda Benglis, April Gornik, the Guerilla Girls, Alison Knowles, Barbara Kruger, Yayoi Kusama, and Carolee Schneemann.
    Price: $15.00
  • Fashion Publication (Creative Time in the Anchorage): Exposing Meaning in Fashion through Presentation
    This catalogue accompanies Fashion in the Anchorage, an exhibition that featured site-specific installations focusing on the evolving role of film and video in fashion presentation.
    Price: $15.00
Displaying 1 - 10 of 16
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