The Market @ FCCC
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  • Face Mask
    A suggested donation of $5 per mask. Please specify how many you would like at check out.
  • Cultural Center Gift Cards
    Support The Center with a Gift Card!
  • The Mermaid's Purse Book
    Artist: Judy Clausen
    The Mermaid's Purse Book
    Price: $27.38
  • Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt Jewelry
    Artist Bio
    In the last ten years of my teaching art, I was given a creative craft class to teach. As I was developing units for the class, I thought about jewelry making. I made examples for my class. The other teachers liked my designs and I sold to my friends. It was around the Christmas, in the cultural council I placed some of my jewelry pieces. I had a very successful holiday season. My husband responded with “ I guess you are in the jewelry business now.” Since that time, I have made and sold my jewelry. It was the beginning of Jasper, Pearls and More.
  • Kwendem Kures
  • Michelle Campos
    Artist Bio
    Flores Handmade is supporting Nicaraguan Indigenous Communities. Our products are 100% handmade by indigenous artisans. Our products are rustic and artistic. They reflect the beauty of wood from tropical forest and the ancentral disegns of indigenous communities.
  • First Coast Cultural Center Art
  • Ellen Diamond
  • Jackie Vosburgh
  • Janet Wilson
    Artist Bio
    Janet Wilson received her degree of art in Iowa City, Iowa. She worked in Chicago at Marshall Field in their Display Department and is a mother of three children. She went back to work and in Columbia, SC for Belk's Premium Store for the display department and then became director. She has painted all of her life, with an intensified interest when she moved to Florida 30 years ago. Her work focuses mainly in acrylics with mostly landscapes and still life paintings. She has taken 2 trips with with the Cultural Center to Italy and to France with master artist Ellen Diamond. Janet Wilson is a founder and long-time supporter of the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach.
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