Classical Drawing and Oil Painting with Marisela Quiros
Classical Drawing and Oil Painting
Wednesdays, 9:30am - 12:30pm
January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4
Beginning - Advanced
Learn the principles and techniques developed by historical classical artists, used and adapted by contemporary realists. Students of all levels will have individualized instruction in order to develop the skills needed to create strong realist drawings at their own pace, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Beginner students will start by drawing simple objects and small casts, and will then progress to paint larger casts and simple still life set-ups. Advanced students will work on more involved and ambitious still life set-ups and eventually move on to other subject matters of their choice. Optional studies can be undertaken, like Bargue course plates copying, rendering form and paint application exercises. This on-going class includes handouts and demonstrations covering a range of topics including amongst them:
- Tools, materials - how to handle and care for them
- Accurate drawing and proportion mastery
- Light and shadow:  value studies – form modeling
- Drawing on toned surfaces.
- Open grisaille or underpainting
- Indirect and direct painting methods
- Color theory, color mixing - achieving the correct hue, value and chroma
Members: $312  Non-members: $343  |  8 Classes 
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