Painting Portraits with 3 Colors
Eve Albrecht
December 5th and 6th
9:30am - 4:30pm
Skill Level: All levels welcome
This class will explore “Alla Prima” portrait painting method which means mixing the right color and value right away with an extremely limited palette of three colors and white known as the “Zorn Palette”. We will explore mixing natural looking flesh tones for different skin tones. We will discuss and practice color mixing, color theory and values (the lights and darks). Artists will learn how to navigate what they are seeing. We talk about what questions artists can ask to help themselves to better see the colors, values, edges, and proportions of the model. Learn quick easy methods of matching and mixing the colors that you see and color theory.
We will work from my photos and learn practical methods to find the right color and value.  Using photos, we will concentrate more painting and finding the right color as opposed to drawing. We will also discuss the best kinds of lighting for good photo references.
This workshop will include extra materials such as videos and handouts to help build a good foundation for portrait, figure painting as well as painting in general, like color mixing and color theory. In addition, Eve will supply other materials needed for the class.
Members: $180
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