Sources for Creativity: How the Mind's Eye Works - Donations
Sources for Creativity: How the Mind's Eye Works
Artist Lecture with Emmy Award Winning Artist David Dunlop
Thursday, October 28th
6:00 PM
Beaches Museum Chapel
Open to the Public
We are accepting donations for this event so that we are able to host this Master Artist lecture free to the public. No amount is too small (or too large!) and helps our small but mighty nonprofit arts organization host events like these to educate the public. 
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Join award-winning master artist David Dunlop for Sources for Creativity: How the Mind’s Eye Works"
This presentation demonstrates how we use varieties of visual thinking to create, invent and, understand ourselves. Here is an exploration of how we see through the lens of culture and, how it limits us. Here’s what we can do to broaden our vision. Our greatest innovations derive from visualizing, from Galileo to Newton, to Edison, to Einstein. Learn how they relied upon visualizing finding insights. Learn how you too can use forms of visualizing expanding your understanding of complex problems and how to solve them. The acclaimed Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio credits picturing with the invention of language. Learn how neuroscience explores the role of picturing in creating and thinking. We explore how we make images internally and externally and, how this understanding can serve as a source for creativity. We explore how language inhibits creativity. The ambiguity provided in picturing is a pathway to problem solving and creativity in math, art, literature and science.
Artist Biography:
David Dunlop’s work is held by major corporations and he has been reviewed extensively, in, e.g., The New York Times and Art New England.
American Art Collector, June 2020, chose David’s painting, “Brooklyn Bridge Ascending” for its cover, and previewed his solo show, “Luminous Adventures,” at Susan Powell Fine Art, Madison, CT. Artists Magazine published two articles written by David, “Seasonal Transitions” and “May I Direct Your Attention?,” in April 2020 and July/August 2020. He was recently profiled in Chinese Oil Paintings, November 2019.
David won an Emmy in 2009 as host and writer of the 13-show national PBS television series, “Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop.” He is the instructor in a multi-DVD series on painting landscapes, blogs regularly, and has a following on YouTube. He has been an artist/lecturer at many institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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