Finding Your Style in Watercolor
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Finding Your Style in Watercolor with Catherine Hillis
February 8, 2020
9:30am - 4pm
45 minute break for lunch
Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Member Price: $170
The painter always wants to paint better, looser, larger, more colorfully, less colorfully.  Who are you as a painter? How can you improve your skills?  How can you take that next step up in the watercolor world?  The instructor is your guide as you improve your general skills but also discover how you can design more thoughtfully, paint more effectively and be the painter you always wanted to be. While it takes time and experience to develop a personal style, the instructor will identify your strengths and start you on your way.  This class will cover several topics, including:
  • What are your strengths as an artist: We’ll perform some simple exercises to discover our design strengths.
  • Design and Composition: Please bring in two or three 8 x 10 (or larger) photographs to work from (b & w or color) and share with the class as we go through simple exercises to learn about composition. Learn how to focus on shapes, rather than on “things,” and how to improve your compositional skills.  Go home with several basic compositional designs that work every time.
  • Finding the Light: Learn how to identify the light and use it to your advantage as a designer.  It’s the beautiful contrast of light and dark and the use of value that can bring a painting to life.  Learn to link light and dark shapes to establish connections that lead the eye into your painting.
  • Observation: What do you really see?  Is the tree really green?  Are the shadows really gray?  Discover a new tool that will improve your observational skills.
  • Color Mixing and Color Temperature: Demonstrations will wrap up our discussions on style.
Members: $170
Non-members: $200
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