Ways You Can DIG



Welcome to DIG's support page where you can plant seeds that reap life! 

  • Donate
    Make an unrestricted contribution to Development in Gardening's work around the globe. 
  • Cocktails & Castoffs AT HOME
    Register to attend DIG's Oct 25th Cocktails & Castoffs Event 
  • Co-Vid19 Response
    Support 2 new programs DIG is rolling out to respond to the Co-Vid19 crisis and the impact it's having on our vulnerable farmers.
  • The DIG Gift Garden
    Give gifts that have the power to inspire and transform. For every gift you give, DIG will notify a friend or loved one of the unique gift you made in their honor. Plant seeds of change in the lives of thousands around the world, and let the people you love know that they inspire you. 
  • Monthly & Recurring Contributions
    Commit to a recurring donation to DIG and support the longevity of our work while keeping the cause present in your life. Monthly, quarterly, and annual gifts can all be scheduled. 
  • DIG Shop
    Buy your favorite DIG merchandise here. 
  • Greg Bogdan's Memorial Gardens
    Join us in planting 2 gardens in loving memory of Greg Bogdan, DIG's Board Chair and founding supporter. 
  • DIG Senegal
    After a decade away, DIG's work in Senegal is growing. You can help ensure this fruitful program continues by specifically supporting DIG's work in Senegal.
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