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A Spiritual Journey To Peace via Zoom Series- Course 5: Peaceful Leadership
This five-course series offers a path to peace and can be taken as individual courses or as a full series with the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Peaceful Practices.
Each course is 4 weeks, 1 hour each session, for a total of 4 hours per course, and 20 hours for the entire series.
Facilitated by: Reverend Nancy Mercurio
Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
COURSE 5: Peaceful Leadership
Being a leader in any capacity, professionally or personally, is an important role and requires knowing how to rally people to achieve objectives in the most peaceful way. Leveraging the best from each contributor is accomplished by understanding how to assess what each person can do.
  • Communicating Objectives - March 10th
  • Identifying Strengths - March 17th
  • Working Together Effectively - March 24th
  • Engaging and Empowering - March 31st
Retreatants will receive the Zoom link the day before the program.
Fee: $60.00 for course ($15.00 per session) (no refunds)
Reverend Nancy Mercurio is an ordained interfaith minister, author, speaker, executive coach who has spent two decades teaching leaders and employees around the globe how to work together effectively to achieve common purpose and successful outcomes.  She is also co-founder of Together In Peace Inc., a mission focused on educating the world on peace, tolerance and acceptance since 2013.