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Ways to help



What better way to be a real "Friend" of Lee Richardson Zoo than by being a member, donating to exhibits, adopting an animal or joining us at a special event? 

  • Membership
    Your membership allows Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo to continue to encourage the development of Lee Richardson Zoo as an education, conservation and recreational center.
  • Adopt an Animal
    Lee Richardson Zoo strives to provide supreme care for our animal residents.  When you adopt one of them, your gift directly supports efforts to enhance animal habitats and maintain top-notch animal care. 
  • Event Tickets
    Get 'em first, get 'em fast! Tickets to a variety of Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo events start here.
  • Engraved Memories & Memorial Donations
    Leave a pawprint in history in celebration of a life, anniversary, birthday, newborns or as a gift.  Engrave your memory on a brick, enduring bench or eucalyptus pergola or make a donation to the memorial of a loved one passed.
  • Donate Now!
    Every donation to the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo goes toward zoo improvments.  You can help improve your zoo by offering a donation in addition to your annual membership. 
  • Volunteer
    Plenty of volunteer opportunities await you at Lee Richardson Zoo.  Volunteers are needed year-round to assist with special events as well as daily opporations.  Volunteering is free, just add it to your cart and we will be notified that you want to lend a helping hand.
    Price: FREE
  • Sign up for email notification
    Want to stay on top of all the current events and latest news happening here at Lee Richardson Zoo?  Signing up for email notification is fast and free.  Just add your contact information along with email address and start receiving our green eblast right away. 
    Price: FREE
  • Wild Friends
    Lee Richardson Zoo connects people with wildlife, inspiring appreciation and understanding of the natural
    world through conservation, education, and engaging experiences. Though the City operates the Zoo, the
    Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo and our community have partnered together for over forty years to serve as the
    ambassadors of the Zoo. It is because of your continued support that we are able to perpetually strive to
    provide better habitats for our animal residents. We hope that you will consider a sustaining monthly gift to
    Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo and join our monthly giving program. Even small amounts given monthly can add
    up in a big way. Please complete the pledge card below and return to the Friends office. Donations are vital
    to the success of our zoo, so please give to the best of your ability.
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