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Global Washington Goalmakers Conference 2019
The Global Washington annual conference is the premier event for global development practitioners, funders, and partners on the West Coast.
‘Goalmakers’ is its new name.
When the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were unanimously adopted by world leaders in 2015, signatories vowed to set the world on a better course by 2030. This December, Global Washington will convene “Goalmakers” whose work is critical to fulfilling that promise.
Goalmakers are those who are singularly focused on building a more equitable, healthy and prosperous world for everyone.
They know that it isn’t going to be easy.
While each of the SDGs includes specific targets, the goals themselves are highly interconnected, as are the challenges they seek to solve. Action presents risks and uncertainties. But so does inaction.
Goalmakers weigh the possibilities, they work in partnership with others who share their goals, and they keep finding ways to move forward. They do not give up, because the stakes are simply too high to fail. Eliminating poverty and hunger. Stopping climate change. Curing deadly diseases. Educating the next generation. Strengthening local economies. Protecting human rights. Safeguarding the food supply. Delivering clean water.
These are not hopes and wishes. These are tangible goals. And they are achievable.
Join us.
Friday, November 15

3rd Floor Bell Harbor International Conference Center
221 Alaskan Way, Pier 66
Seattle, WA 98121
$410 (members) // $510 (non-members)
Email pratima@globalwa.org for discount code