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2018 Broads' Raffle
This stunning piece of fabric art created by celebrated artist Patricia Hastings-Sargent was inspired by a photograph by Rob Lee.
Looking Up is ready to hang and measures approximately 24" wide by 31" tall. It is a free-form, two-dimentional sculpture that is rigid.

The tree canopy is constructed with open sections revealing the wall, just as you would see patches of sky through the leaves of a tree. Patricia often hand dyes or applies paint to fabrics to achieve the perfect result. To learn more about Trish’s work, visit www.ths-studio.com.
Funds raised will support Broads’ work to train and inspire women advocates to preserve and protect wilderness and wild public lands for future generations.

$20 for 5 tickets
NOTE: The minimum for online credit or debit purchase is $20. To purchase fewer than 5 tickets ($5 each), please send a check to us at P.O. Box 2924, Durango, CO 81302