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  • Individual/Family Memberships
    There are may benefits that come with an HSF General membership. With more than 60 years of experience, we are encouraged by past successes. There are, however, many issues that continue to threaten the integrity of our historic city plan. We look forward to these challenges and with your generous support we eagerly anticipate the future.

    Please take a moment to join or renew your membership with Historic Savannah Foundation.
  • Corporate Memberships
    Along with helping HSF achieve its mission, there are other benefits to becoming a member. HSF has a valuable resource for our membership - the HSF Green Pages. The Green Pages is an online directory of businesses that support preservation in Savannah. We encourage all HSF supporters to rely on this valuable tool when considering resources. 

    There are also many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Lecture Series, May Preservation Month events, the Gala, and the Race for Preservation (10k/5k run) are a few examples. Please contact HSF for more information.