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Historic Savannah Foundation Books
  • Savannah Square by Square
    In 1733, Georgia's founder James Oglethorpe laid out a new kind of city in the midst of a virgin forest. The unique city plan Oglethorpe created-- a repeating pattern of squares encircled by homes and public buildings-- has provided a template for close to three centuries of growth.
    Today there are 22 historic squares in downtown Savannah, adorned with stately mansions, soaring church spires, magnificent monuments, and hundreds of historic homes. More than 12 million people visit Savannah each year to stroll through the squares and soak up the ambiance of the moss-draped live oaks and sun-dappled azalea bushes. Yet no one has produced a coffee table book about the squares since 1986 . . . until now.
    Now a team of five creative Savannahians has come together to create Savannah Square by Square, a visually stunning coffee table book that combines beautiful photographs of the squares with lively, historically accurate stories about these unique Savannah treasures. Artfully rendered pen and ink drawings complete the picture.
  • Historic Savannah (Survey Book) Third Edition
    Edited By: Carmie M. Jones (McDonald)

    Price: $39.95
  • Historic Savannah
    Text By: Malcolm Bell Jr.
    Photography By: N. Jane Iseley

    Price: $12.95
  • Savannah Secret & Public Gardens
    Text By: James A. Cox
    Photography By: N. Jane Iseley

    Price: $34.95