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Pet Safety
  • Animal First Aid Kit
    When your animal is hurt, time is critical. In order to give people a way of providing their animals with immediate help to try and relieve their pain and injury, The Humane Society of Canada has created this special Animal First Aid Kit.
    Price: $29.99
  • Disaster Relief Decals/Checklist
    Raging forest fires in British Columbia, surging floodwaters in Manitoba, killing ice in Quebec, destructive tornadoes in Ontario, powerful wind and rains in the Maritimes from a near miss with a hurricane. Are you ready to help your pet and other animals, who are often the forgotten victims of disasters?
    We believe the best answer is to plan ahead, to be prepared to handle emergency situations when and where they arise. All of us can do our part, beginning at home with our own animals
    Price: $6.00