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  • ISAR 2020 Conference
  • Tradeshow Vendor Booths
    This is the place for ISAR 2020 Conference where vendors can purchase their booth or organization table. Use your tradeshow packet to guide you in maling the best booth for your company needs. There is tradeshow map in your packet.
    ISAR's Tradeshow corrdinator is Kathy Rose isar2020tradeshow@gmail.com
    Cancellations or reductions of booth space for any reason are subject to the following terms:
    Cancellations received by July 1, 2020 are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. After July 1, 2020, no refund will be given unless a booth is resold by ISAR, then the payment less $100 cancellation fee will be refunded. 
  • Upcoming ISAR CAP Trainings
    ISAR offers its CAP certification programs -- consulting skills, ethics program and competency exam -- on an ongoing basis in different parts of the world.
  • Astrology World 2014
    The Dance of Intimacy: Using Astrology to Understand Ourselves and Our Relationships
    Sunday - January 19, 2014
    Join us for a weekend webinar with four renown astrologers from around the globe to explore how to use astrology as a tool for greater understanding of the relationships in our lives. You have the choice of attending a live webinar where you can interact with the speaker or ordering a copy of the MP4 (a video) of the webinar to watch at your leisure.
  • Astrology World 2013
    Astrology World 2013 was a big success. Ten world-class astrologers presented 90-minute video lectures on current astrological topics and techniques. These lectures are still available for purchase and download as an MP4 audio/video file. Each lecture is just $24. Sign up for one, some or all of them.
  • Ethics Awareness Video and Online Exam
    This catagory is for the ISAR's Ethics Awareness training video for home study and the on-line Ethics examination.
  • ISAR Journal Advertising
    Advertise your astrology or astrology-related business in ISAR's publications and conference programs. Circulation is just over 1,400 people in forty countries.
    There is a 10% discount for 3 consecutive journal ad placements.
    If you want to place your advertisement on the inside front cover, outside back cover, inside back cover or inside back cover facing page, you must contact Richard Smoot at  info@isarastrology.com for availability. Have a question or need help call him at 1-800-731-9456.
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