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Astrology and its correlation to Jung's analytical theory, with Marcia Ferreira Silva - MP4 Video/Audio Recording
This lecture will show how the dynamics of the psyche can be found in the Astrological chart. Jung's theory establishes important correlations with astrological configurations. We will learn about Persona, Shadow, Archetypes, Collective Unconscious, Anima and Animus. Then, under this perspective, we will analyze Freud and Jung's charts.
Marcia obtained her Master Degree in Psychology in 1982, when she also began her studies in Astrology. In 2005 she started her own school, C.E.A.P. – Center for Psychological Astrology Studies, in Brazil - where she, along with several partners, teach a complete curriculum in Astrology and hold regular lectures. At C.E.A.P., Astrology is taught through an in-depth Psychological perspective, but the students can also choose other specialties through the workshops offered. The courses are given both alive, in the classroom and online. She is a full-time professional astrologer and received her ISAR C.A.P. She is currently serving as the ISAR Vice-President of Brazil. (Website: www.astrologiaceap.com.br) (Email: marcia@astrologiaceap.com.br) (Phone: +55-19-9103-0205)