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Not All Eclipses Are Equal, with Chris McRae - MP4 Video/Audio recording
Eclipses are an important part of our forecasting arsenal.  They are not all equal in force and effect which needs to be taken into account in applying to either our personal or mundane charts.  Many years of study has gone into this presentation.
Chris McRae has been a Professional Astrologer since  1970 as a Consultant,Teacher, International Lecture, and Author.  She has lectured at main Conferences and conducted seminars in both Canada, US, as well as many other countries around the world. She is Vice-President of the ISAR Board, Chair ISAR Certification Program, and Chair ISAR International Council.  She is recipient of the  2012 UAC Regulus Award for Professional Image. (Website: www.astrologychrismccrae.com) (Email: cmcrae@uniserve.com) (Phone: 780-469-2974)