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Forecast for Taurus/Scrorpio Eclipses, with Hakan Kirkoglu - MP4 Video/Audio Recording
In this lecture, Hakan will look at the upcoming solar eclipses occuring in Taurus/Scorpio axis which in fact reflects the background Uranus-Pluton square. With the advent of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008, financial structures began to tremble under credit crunch and when Pluto arrived in the 5th degree, now fiscally undisciplined countries seems to be at the edge of a cliff. Upcoming Uranus-Pluto square will have finalized when both reaches at the heart,  at the mid of Capricorn. Evidently, this new part of the story will be much dynamic, irritating and exciting. By focusing on the USA chart and several others along with the eclipses, pros and cons will be evaluated in line with the economic, social and political fluctuations, which eventually take us to the heart of Capricorn.
R. Hakan Kirkoglu has been a leading figure of Astrology in Turkey as a consultant, teacher and writer. He is currently studying for a second MA in History. He has MA degree in Economics, and MSc in Management Engineering. He holds a Diploma from FAS with award and since 1999 has been teaching a 4  years certification program under "Goklerin Bilgeligi Okulu", School of Wisdom of Sky in Istanbul. He spoke several international conferences in UK , USA and Australia. He has three books published since 1991. He regularly gives lectures, organize seminars and create astrological events. (website: www.hakankirkoglu.com)