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A Traditional Approach, with Zdenek Bohuslav - MP4 Video/Audio Recording
The roots of astrological tradition can be found  in the earlier works of Dorotheus of Sidon, Vettius Valens, Claudios Ptolemy and others, but part of what is considered traditional astrology today, especially when emphasizing a more structured approach to delineation, is found in the later works of the 17th C. astrologer, J. B. Morin. We will illustrate his approach to essential and accidental dignities, the concept of accidental determinations, planets as significators and rulers of houses, and as pivotal causes in house combinations. His innovative approach forms the basis for chart synthesis that permits taking into account the free will of the native and the power of a Supreme Being. 
Zdenek Bohuslav. Born 1946, Ph.D. in computer science and artificial intelligence 1974; In Astrology from 1969, cofounder of Astrological Society of Czech Republic after Czech velvet revolution in 1989, from 1996 her chairman; live radio broadcasting, TV guest; weekly and monthly columns in Czech magazines Astro,  Phoenix, Medunka, editor of Konstelace; teaching in  own School of Classical Astrology, professional consulting from 1990; organizer of IInd  European Astrological Conference Prague 1997, annual Czech astrological conference Eukarpia 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, internationally lecturing from 2000. Personal interest in Traditional/Classical Astrology, (website: www.bohuslav.com) (Emails: zdenek@bohuslav.com and info@astrologickaspolecnost.cz) (phone: +420-732-354-413)