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The Birthchart as an Unfolding Story, with Glenn Perry - MP4 Video/Audio Recording
Our astrological chart constitutes a life script, the plot of which we enact over and over in our daily lives. While the theme of one's life is often outside of conscious awareness and control, astrology provides a way of revealing, resolving, and remythologizing this drama. Every chart depicts a story in which fate provides a vehicle for the development and unfoldment of character. In this lecture, we will explore how aspects and planetary dispositorships expose the skeletal structure of one’s personal mythology. Emphasis is placed on how the life story is capable of being lived on successively higher levels of integration.
Glenn Perry, Ph.D., is an astrologer and licensed psychotherapist in Haddam Neck, CT, USA. In addition to private practice, Dr. Perry lectures internationally on the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and psychotherapy. He has written eight books on astrology and serves as qualitative research advisor for ISAR. Dr. Perry is president of the Academy of AstroPsychology, an online school that offers Certificate and Diploma programs in archetypal astrology. Contact: 860-467-6919 or www.aaperry.com