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Yods and unaspected planets in synastry, with Karen Hamaker-Zondag - MP4 Video/Audio Recording
Yods and unaspected planets in the birth chart are very dynamic and it takes time to understand their hidden gifts, as they often bring doubt and confusion first. Their role in synastry is important, as they can produce smokescreens and fascination at the very same time. If you have had important synastry aspects to yods or unaspected planets when young (for example with parents or brothers and sisters), these can still influence your relationships when adult. We will analyze their dynamics both in the birth chart and in synastry, and try to understand their meaning in relationships, whether it be love relationships or parent-child.    
Karen Hamaker-Zondag (1952):
  • astrological practice since 1975;
  • published more than 30 books on astrology, psychology and tarot.
  • Runs Stichting Achernar, a school for professional training in astrology (since 1980),
  • With her husband publishes  the Dutch astrological journal Symbolon (1990) and they run a small publishing company.
  • Runs a school in Symbolic psychology, based on the psychology of C.G. Jung (since 1986).
  • Karen is currently working on founding an accredited Bachelor education in astrology.
  • Won the prestigious Regulus Award for Astrological Education in 1998 in Atlanta.
  • Karen holds a Drs. degree (comparable to MSc.) in Social Geography (1975) and a second Drs. degree in  ‘Planologie’ (Town- and Country Planning (1978), both from the University of Amsterdam.
  • Personal website: www.karenhamakerzondag.nl
  • School website: www.academievoorastrologie.nl  School telephone: +31-20-6436979