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Arielle Guttman - The Venus Star Point ® A Revolutionary Concept for Charting Relationships (MP4 Recording)
The Venus Star Point, based on the book Venus Star Rising, is a new astrological tool that is both elegantly simple and quite profound. The Venus Star Point® provides valuable insights in personal chart work and puts a vibrant spin on relationship dynamics. Learn your placement on the pentagram of Venus and how each of the points interact with one another to chart the important relationships of your life.
Arielle Guttman has authored five books in astrology over a 39-year career as an astrologer, including the widely read two-volume Mythic Astrology series (with Kenneth Johnson). She has always sought to make astrology accessible to people, both inside and outside of the field, using it as an incredible tool for personal growth, awareness and understanding of the cycles of time that we traverse in our journey through life.   For more about Arielle, go to: