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Anne Ortelee - Planets as People (MP4 Recording)
Transits and Progressions to our natal charts often appear in our lives as eople.  People bring us relationships to learn from. Relationships help us self-actualize and individuate.  We reach our natal potential through relationships ~ good or bad.  We’ll cover the different kinds of relationships symbolized by each planet plus tips and techniques to work with the person/planet standing before you once you figure out WHICH planet they embody.  
Anne Ortelee has a thriving astrology consulting practice where she uses an array of eastern and western astrological approaches. She is dedicated to helping people find practical ways to work with the unique energies in their charts. Anne is certified by three astrology organizations ~ ISAR-CAP, AFA-AMAFA and NCGR-PAA Level 3. She writes articles, speaks, publishes a Weekly Weather column and hosts four weekly internet radio shows.  Find everything at www.AstroAnne.com