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Scholarship Donation
  • Wilson Wyatt (General) Scholarship Fund
    The Wilson Wyatt Scholarship Fund is Leadership Louisville Center's general scholarship fund helping deserving leaders participate in our programs.
  • Joan Riehm Women's Leadership Fund
    This fund enables young women to follow in Joan Riehm's footsteps by participating in Leadership Louisville Center programs.
  • Diversity in Leadership Fund
    The Leadership Louisville Center’s purpose is to inspire and equip leaders to Be Better and Do Better. The Diversity in Leadership Fund makes it possible for us to increase access to professional development and leadership opportunities for all. Your support helps assure diversity in all Leadership Louisville Center programming. Together, we can equip more people to lead with confidence and courage and foster connections that strengthen the social fabric of the community.
    Leadership Louisville Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Green Room Scholarship Donations
    The Green Room Scholarship Fund helps make our leadership development training and courses accessible to more leaders in our region. 
  • Christine Johnson Fund for Entrepreneurs
    This scholarship fund is designed to allow entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses to participate in the Focus Louisville program.