Litchfield: The Making of a New England Town
Written by Rachel Carley
This book presents the story of the remarkable town and area of Litchfield, CT. With a lively exploration of the buildings and landscapes of Litchfield Village, Bantam, Northfield, Milton and South Farms (now Morris) this sumptuous volume is illustrated with dozens of maps, photographs, and paintings- many published for the first time. Beginning with the 1715 founding of the settlement, Litchfield traces the town’s evolution through successive eras as colonial outpost, prosperous county seat, vital center of local manufacturing, desirable seasonal resort, and thriving dairy-farming community. Rachel Carley’s authoritative text examines the important role played by church and politics in Connecticut’s colonial town planning, and explores a broad range of building types-from meetinghouse to mansion-in the context of significant social and economic developments in New England’s history.