A Lawyer of Passionate Mind: The Story of Tapping Reeve
Tapping Reeve, founder of America's first law school, and for a time its only teacher, was truly "a man for all seasons." He found time, despite family obligations that he took seriously, to serve as a lawyer, judge, legal educator, and scholar, in addition to becoming a prominent Federalist and Congregationalist. Reeve was the first well-known legist to publicly advocate for the rights of women, and became heavily involved in the efforts to free Africans enslaved in America. Unfortunately, most of Reeve's papers have been lost, and as a result he is considerably less well known today than his accomplishments and reputation during life would suggest. In this short book, Professor Ronald Chester attempts to restore Reeve's place as an important figure in America's early history and to provide us a personalized view of a man both good and great.