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Welcome to the LoveU2Pieces Registration and Donation Page!

  • Trivia Night 2020
    SATURDAY, MAY 9, 2020
     St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    1420 Sappington Rd., 
    6:00 PM Doors Open
    7:00 PM Trivia Starts
  • Social Connections
    Social Connections Groups   $200
    Ages: 4-6, 7-10
    Saturday mornings
    One of the greatest stumbling blocks for an individual who is living with an autism spectrum disorder is theory of mind - understanding that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one's own. Social Connections group members work to develop theory of mind and other critical social skills through fun activities. 12 weeks Group placement based upon age, experience, compatability and a required brief screening.
    Facilitator: Becca Wiemann, Stefanie Hammond Assistant
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    LoveU2Pieces provides relevant, effective and engaging opportunities for individuals living with high functioning autism and related disorders. Our current opportunities include the following programs: Social Connections, LoveU2Pieces ROCKS, and Play the Spectrum. You can register for any of our programs on this secure site. 
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