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  • Under Your Feet Reader (Grades 1-2) Digital Download
    This activity reader introduces soil and its role in producing food. Written for grades 1 & 2. Digital Download.
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  • SOIL Reader (Grades 5-6) - Digital Download
    This 18-page downloadable pdf contains articles and activities, such as "Properties of Soil" and "Soil Testing Your Yard." Written specifically 5 & 6th grade students, the reader features an interview with an agriculture engineer and features puzzles, quizzes, and visuals to enhance a teacher's soil unit. Digital Download.
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  • SOIL Reader Teacher Guide - Digital Download
    A companion document for the Get the Dirt on SOIL 5th & 6th grade reader. Digital Download.
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  • #SoilScience Reader (Grades 7-8) - Digital Download
    The digital reader introduces soil formation and soil horizons with a fun edible soil activity. Other topics include the nitrogen cycle, plant nutrition, and fertilizer basics featuring the 4R Nutrient Stewardship. Digital Download.
    Price: FREE
  • #SoilScience Reader Teacher Guide - Digital Download
    A downloadable companion document for the #SoilScience 7th & 8th grade reader. Available as a downloadable PDF. Digital Download.
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