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Effective July 1, 2016: In order to continue providing quality, science-based resources to educators for free, we have implemented a flat-rate shipping fee of $5.00 per order of physical items. All digital resources will remain downloadable with no fee.

The Nutrients for Life Foundation’s crop nutrient and soil science resources are available for traditional school settings and large crop nutrient education opportunities. Educators outside of the U.S. and nontraditional educators (i.e. homeschools) may take advantage of digital resources, including downloadable curriculum and interactive lessons. If you would like to order for an event, email Shipment delivery date is based upon availability. Generally, resources take about three weeks to four weeks to arrive. Thank you for helping us make a difference! Check-out email addresses will be added to the Foundation's e-newsletter for teachers.

  • Curriculum & Lessons
    Includes each level of curriculum, plus interactive lesson plans, pre- and post-assessments, curriculum flashcards, and lesson activity book for K-1st grade.
  • Readers
    Includes supplemental booklets for grades 1-2 introducing soil, grades 3-4 focusing on the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship, grades 5-6 containing articles about the properties of soil and an ag career interview, and grades 7-8 introducing soil formation, fertilizer basics, and the nitrogen cycle. All are available in digital download.
  • Posters
    Visuals aids supporting each level of the curriculum with plant-human comparison, a color coded periodic table, the biogeochemical cycles, and our popular apple activity. Limit 8 posters total, 1 each per order. Posters are also available in digital download.
  • Miscellaneous
    Supplemental resources to reinforce soil science lessons including cross-curricular word magnets, a phosphate mining activity, rulers, and postcards.