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  • A good start at home
    £40 will provide the basic kit to ensure that each child is given a good start when they are ready to move back home.
    Price: £40.00
  • Comfort is Everything
    A chitenje costs £4 they are used to carry babies and provide comfort throughout their stay.
    Price: £4.00
  • Food for our homes
    £100 will pay for a 50kg bag of beans which will last for approximately one month in one of our infant homes.
    Price: £100.00
  • Give a baby milk and the best start in life
    Just £5 will give a baby all the nutrients they need, with a week’s supply of formula milk.
    Price: £5.00
  • Help a child know a mother's love
    £150 will sponsor a month’s salary, which helps the babies at Open Arms and the mothers and their families too.
    Price: £150.00
  • Special care therapy session
    It costs £21 for each individual session of therapy, a small price to pay for a very special gift.
    Price: £21.00
  • The chance to learn and play at nursery school
    For just £75 you can make it possible for a children who has move back to their community to receive a whole year of nursery education in an Open Arms Nursery School.
    Price: £75.00
  • Village essentials for big changes
    £15 gives essentials for a child in the village that make life better. The care pack includes soap, Vaseline, water treatment, biscuits, and sometimes medicine.
    Price: £15.00
  • Make a Child's Christmas
    This is Your Gift
    You have given a special Christmas treat to a child in Malawi!
    Price: £30.00
  • Choose your gift
    Choose how much you would like to donate to celebrate a special occasion, and we will create a gift card for you.
Displaying 1 - 10 of 11
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