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School Breakfast Replacement Kits
Important update: At-home summer education is happening in 2020, and so ONFE will continue to fuel kids and ignite learning at this unprecedented time of pandemic by distributing School Breakfast Replacement Kits throughout the summer.
Not only are educational programs continuing, but so are the economic difficulties facing families. Ottawa’s unemployment rate increased by 63% since March, and many are experiencing a reduction in work hours. There are parents in our city that are struggling to feed their families 
ONFE’s School Breakfast Program Kits provide food to help families make ends meet, and help kids feel cared for and remembered by their schools and community. 
ONFE School Breakfast Replacement Kits are distributed to families with children who normally access ONFE’s School Breakfast Program, with the help of 51 community agencies.
Each kit contains:
  • Items from 3 food groups, including 2% milk tetra packs, cereal or bagels, wholegrain crackers, unsweetened applesauce, and granola bars
  • Food that is 100% shelf-stable and individually prepackaged
  • Enough items to replace 24 days of school meals
Kits are prepacked in a HACCP certified facility to ensure the highest level of food security and traceability in this COVID-19 environment. Moreover, pre-packaged kits relieve community agencies and volunteers the additional burden of sorting and repackaging, which also reduces the amount of food handling.
ONFE School Breakfast Replacement Kits cost $25 each, which includes warehousing, packaging, and distribution. We are calling for the Ottawa community to help us meet the greatest need ever to keep our children and youth supplied with the nutritious food they need to keep learning and growing by sending out as many of these kits as possible.
Each donation of ONFE School Breakfast Replacement Kits is eligible for a charitable tax receipt, which will be sent by email.
To learn more about ONFE and our 8 essential programs in Ottawa's 4 publicly-funded school boards, visit onfe-rope.ca.