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Pride of Baltimore II Commemorative Oyster Knife
The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) and the Pride of Baltimore Inc. partnered to commission Baltimore master woodworker Dale German to create 500 commemorative oyster knives. The knife handles are carved from tropical hardwood leftover after the construction of Maryland’s best-known tall ship.
The knife design is a classic historical symbol of Chesapeake Bay culture that is practical for everyday use. Each knife has a 3-inch, stainless steel “Boston” blade, a famous American oyster knife design known for being sturdy, versatile and dependable. It is one of the earliest known types used to “split the rock.”
Knife handles are carved from timbers of bullet tree and mahogany, used in framing of Pride II’s hull and as trim on above-deck structures. Each laser engraved knife comes with a certificate of authenticity and matching number from 001 to 500. The wood was preserved in climate-controlled conditions since Pride II was built in 1988.
You will be given the next lowest engraved number available. If you would like to inquire about a specific number please send an email to info@oysterrecovery.org.
For knives #1-10 please contact ORP at 410-990-4970 to purchase.