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  • Chris Hentz - CH100
    Turquoise and Gold Heart Pin
    Price: $600.00

  • Chris Hentz - CH101
    Sugalite and Gold Heart Pin
    Price: $600.00

  • Chris Hentz - CH102
    Jasper Heart Pin/Pendant
    Price: $500.00

  • Chris Hentz - CH103
    Jasper Heart Pin/Pendant
    Price: $500.00

  • ETRUSCAN CHAIN FABRICATION: PERFECTED with Chris Hentz March 6, 13 & 20 2021

    Etruscan Chain Fabrication:Perfected

    with Chris Hentz
    Virtual Three-Part Demonstration Workshop using the Zoom Platform
    March 6,13 & 20 | Time: 12:30- 3:00p.m. ET
    Learn to easily and perfectly fabricate an Etruscan Chain that is supple, of museum quality and has consistently  precise proportions regardless of wire diameter.  
    Chris has perfected his research on how to make an Etruscan Chain that is as close as possible to the proportions  seen in Etruscan and Etruscan Revival examples found in museums. Instructions in other available publications do  not come close yielding the precise results that Chris’s methods and variations will allow you to achieve. 
    Instruction and demonstrations will include Chris’s highly researched and innovative methods for accurate and  repeatable measuring, cutting, forming, soldering and assembling the wire loops used for making Etruscan  Chains. He will also share methods and measurements for varying the proportions that can be easily understood  and utilized. 
    Included within the principles, practices and techniques for successful Etruscan Chain Fabrication this workshop  will cover the following and more…. 
    • work area, tools, materials – choices, set-up and safe procedures 
    • metals types suitable for this technique – and why 
    • metal types that are “possible” but make the work difficult  
    • fast and effective methods for preparing metal to make jump rings 
    • wrapping, cutting, shaping and placing jump rings for efficient soldering 
    • methods and principles for soldering silver wire jump rings reliably and successfully – without  melting. 
    • how to get rid of excess “solder globs” on jump rings – without filing 
    • shaping and preparing jump rings for assembling an Etruscan Chain 
    • introduction of the brand NEW - Chris’s Etruscan Chain Tool Set - and how to use each  component 
    • detailed information about the wire diameter size in relation to the loop inside diameter size  necessary to achieve the highest quality results. 
    • how to understand what happens when you change the proportions of wire size to loop size. The  goal being for you to be able to make consistent and informed choices in the future. 
    • what happens if/when you increase and/or decrease the wire diameter size and/or loop size without intention 
    Participants will have the opportunity to work with following Etruscan Chain Link Combinations. Chris recommends  using fine silver wire to make samples, bracelets and/or a necklaces. * 
    - single link/single axis - thin and simpler linking 
    - double link/single axis – a thinner “rope like” chain 
    - single link/double axis – larger simpler linking 
    - double link/double axis – a thicker “rope like” chain 
    * If you want to economize, you will be able to begin with copper wire to make samples before deciding if there is a “version” you prefer to make in fine silver. 
    Some silver soldering experience is recommended.
    *Students will receive the following from Chris 2-6 weeks prior to the start of class. 
    • a detailed and annotated list of tools, materials and suppliers 
    • information on ordering Chris’s Etruscan Chain Tool Set 
    • process order outline with images of examples 
    • access to a Private/Hidden FaceBook Group for questions, discussion, examples and exchange  between classes
    SOLD OUT - Please contact the office to inquire further (252) 796-2787

  • Barbara Minor - BMI101
    Blue Heart Pendant
    SOLD OUT - Please contact the office to inquire further (252) 796-2787

  • Barbara Minor - BMI102
    Hearts on Heart Pendant
    Price: $260.00