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INTRODUCTION TO USING LIQUID ENAMELS:  GETTING IT DONE IN A SPRAY BOOTH with Barbara Minor May 1, 8 & 15, 2021  1:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET 
Introduction to using liquid enamels: Getting it done in a spray booth
with Barbara Minor
Virtual Three-Part Demonstration Workshop using the Zoom Platform
May 1, 8 & 15, 2021   | 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET 
In this class, participants will explore a variety of exciting possibilities available to artists when using liquid enamels.   
We’ll begin by making an inexpensive spray booth with exhaust and setting up an affordable spray gun with a small (accessibly priced) air compressor. 
In our first explorations, we will begin by spraying white liquid enamel onto already enameled “campware” (a.k.a. graniteware) or “Black Board”.  You can choose to use copper forms or sheet if you prefer.  The sizes you choose will be determined by the size of your kiln.  My thinking in having you use the “campware” or BlackBoard is to allow you room to experiment - without the concern of having to make all of the forms to enamel for your initial process investigations.
We will get into creative methods for applying the liquid enamels.  Think dip, pour, brush, dab, sponge, stencil, mask, spatter, layer and more.   Included will be the addition of decorative enameling techniques such as use of painting enamel media for color additions, graphite and other drawing media, silver/gold foils or mica pigments for some “glitz” and (one of my favorites) decals for a bit of fun or realism.
Finally, information about applying a ground coat (a.k.a. low carbon steel) and using liquid enamels on mild steel will be given attention.
As always in my classes, information about the following relevant, essential and fundamental information, along with skills for successful enameling beyond use of liquid enamels will be included as needed.
- metal preparation
- work area and materials – choices, set-up and safe procedures
- metals and enamel types suitable for this technique
- fast and effective methods of cleaning metal prior enameling
- enamel preparation
- edge finishing
Main objectives for participants are….
- to understand how to use liquid enamels for their needs and to continue using the processes learned on their own.
- to gain confidence while exploring and experimenting with this enameling technique
- to achieve exciting surfaces that exceed expected results.  
 Students will receive 2-4 weeks before class a PDF that includes… 
- a detailed list of tools, materials and suppliers
Students will receive one week before class a PDF that includes… 
- process order outline with images where relevant and helpful
- invitation to a Private and Hidden Facebook Group 
The structure and components of this class are intended to allow and encourage participants…
-  to work in their personal studios in-between the three sessions on techniques demonstrated 
-  to share their individual results, ask questions and receive answers or feedback from each other and from Barbara in-between classes in a private FaceBook group
-  to view the class recording for one month after the last class ends.
-  to have fun while learning.


  • Participants must have the ZOOM video platform downloaded on a computer or phone. It’s easy! Download here.
  • Participants must have reliable internet access and a computer or phone with sound recording and web-cam capabilities to participate.
  • Once registered, students will receive a video meeting code along with simple ZOOM instructions.
  • Please see the suggested materials list here.
  • Features live demonstration and the ability to ask Daniel questions. Participants will have access via Zoom to viewing the recorded demonstration  for two weeks.
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable but are transferrable with a $25 transfer fee.